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What started as the book discussion half of “Women A’Loud!” was so darn great it needed to be its own show!
Shawn Marie Bryan hosts this program dedicated to Women in the Written Word, and all that that entails.
Named in honor of Aphra Behn and Lisa Ben, the show encourages in depth discussion through engaging commentary and excerpts. Sometimes, for modern books, the author joins the discussion. Come and discover the magic of the Parenthetical H!

Currently in production is a nine+ episode discussion surrounding Judy Blume, The ReBlume Project!
The ReDrew Project 
is also in production with discussions surrounding the first four Nancy Drew Mystery Books. Both are labors of love that we hope to have available before too long. However, we are also still seeking participation, it is not too late to share your thoughts on Judy Blume and Nancy Drew and in effect be part of Summer Sisters, the ultimate investigative and un book group ever!
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Here is one of our complete discussions~

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Lori L Lake and
Jessie Chandler
Shawn Marie Bryan to discuss the anthology
they edited!
Lesbians on the Loose!







Featuring: Elizabeth SimsCarsen TaiteSY ThompsonAndi MarquetteLinda M. VogtVK Powell,
Kate McLachlanLori L. LakeLynn AmesSandra de HelenJen WrightSue HardestyJessie Chandler,
J.M. Redmann, and Katherine V. Forrest

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If you have a book recommendation, want to join a discussion, or are an author who would like to be on Be(h)n’s Book~
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