Women A’Loud!


Women A'Loud! is the show for and about women.

'Circle of Life' reports upon the women who were born during the time frame of the episode as well as women we lost during that span of time. Several women's lives and accompolishments are highlighted.

'What Came Before' honors an array of history that brings us to our present, for we know we cannot create a future without recognizing the past.

'What is Happening Now' examines and shares the current news for and about women. Includes a rape culture Bullet/Point, and applauds women who are standing and speaking out.

In 'State Slate' we explore a specific topic of world news as it pertains to women,
mainly reporting upon topics the mainstream media skips over.

'LetHer Shine' is our favorite "letter/ let her" and every week we spotlight a woman.

Sometimes we even sit down and talk about the business of being a woman with a woman!

Many past episodes are archived in the Library, right here- on Network Listen.

There are even episodes you can download to listen at your leisure, here-
Women on the Go!

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That's right- we are back to live!!! And this Time Capsule Edition kicked it off on Halloween!

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Women A'Loud! October 2016
Time Capsule Edition~ MP3

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